Generator stator flat head machine

Input voltage AC380V ± 10% Frequency 50-60Hz Equipment capacity 4000VA Input cable 2.5mm ² Compressed gas 0.5-0.7Mpa, with dimensions of 900 (600) mmx850mmx1800mm. The equipment features hydraulic pressure as the power for leveling the wire head, stable output, and smooth cutting of the wire head


Generator stator flat head machine

Product Description


Input voltage 
AC 380V±10%
frequency   50-60Hz
Equipment capacity 4000VA
input cable 2.5mm²
compressed gas  0.5-0.7Mpa
Dimensions 900(600)mmx850mmx1800mm
Hydraulic pressure is used as the power to level the thread end, the output is stable, and the thread end cut is smooth


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